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Our Company "Kalantonis Fruits" is in the vanguard of fruit market, by standardizing it's products in a large variety of packaging, covering by that, every clients need

Waxed or unwaxed oranges are being packed in nets, girsac, carton boxes of 10 15 20kg.

Our company keeps developing continuously using high quality machinery for washing, waxing, disinfecting and packaging the products. By that we secure our fruits high quality.


1) Navalines


15 November to

28 February

2) Navels


15 December to

15 March


3) Valencia


20 February to

15 October




Different Varieties


1) Clementines

2) Ortiniques

3) Nova


Other Citrus

1) Grapefruit


2) Blood Orange (Tarocco)





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